At KCR Hardware we believe that electrical fittings are a very important aspect of home safety and comfort.

The correct fitting will help you save power, keep your home free from fire hazards and also ensure that your other costly electrical/electronic equipments have a longer life. We will advise on good electrical fitting techniques, benefits of proper earthing, cable wiring, lighting fixtures, electric fittings and electric current.


We have a very large extensive range of:

• Low Energy Lights
• Light Bulbs
• Light Fittings
• Sockets
• Dimmer Switches
• Batteries & Torches
• Electrical Fittings
• Extension Leads & Cables
• Double adaptors
• Fuses
• Electrical Appliances
• Heaters
• TV & DVD leads
• Smoke & Carbon Dioxide Alarms
• Vents / Extractor Fans
• Timers
• Meter Boxes